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Be as close to the sea
Beach Bar is a restaurant bar that borders the crystal clear waters of the ancient port of Caesarea. In addition to the stunning location, the complex features two bars and a diverse menu for the entire family

In the early evening the place is ideal for a romantic date with breathtaking sunsets and pleasant background music. In the later hours the place comes alive until the wee hours of the night with live performances three times a week on Wed, Fri and Sat. For those who want to stretch the magic spell of night into the early morning, our breakfasts await

Live Music
On our special stage, with stunning scenery of ancient Caesarea harbor as backdrop, we host live music throughout the week. On Wednesday evenings we host exciting ethnic Greek Taverna live music. On Fridays we keep a tradition of Jazz concerts at sunset. on Saturday night its time for a Latin dance celebration. During the season we hold special festivals in addition. For up to date information, consult our  live music page and sign up to our mailing list. Entry to all performances is free of charge.

Our Beach Bar menu is rich and suitable for all the family. You can enjoy a wide range of Mezzes, salads, breakfasts, sandwiches, stir-fried dishes, pizzas, focaccias and some new dishes such as chicken wings, souvlaki shawarma roll / Sabich with Hummus and Shawarma. The Beach Bar serves  particularly delicious desserts. In line with the latest health trends our 2014 season menu focuses on many healthy, low-fat dishes with an assortment of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies

The Beach Bar is a paradise for drinking lovers. All types of alcohol, lots of beers, soft drink, hot drinks, smoothies, fresh squeezed juices and operational amazing sunset on our special cocktails

Opening Hours
Open from March to October from 9:00 am until the last guest

In the enchanting port of Caesarea located the Boat House – a magical combination of sea, ancient and diverse event options with a breathtaking view of the old harbor … We combine a protected beach, old fishing boats and culinary elegance and varied (including kosher option) menu. Ample parking, personal attention and skilled and courteous staff are the hallmark of the Boat House, for your special events! Events at the Boat House  accommodate up to 360 people – Your ideal choice for family events, private parties, conferences, corporate events and fun days Contact Us
Phone: 04 6363989
Contact Us